Incaendium Initiative Corporation (IIC) is a technology development company dedicated to examining and creating solutions to critical environmental problems. IIC looks to improve the quality of life for all and make a difference, for the better. One key critical issue that IIC has dedicated their operations to is developing a solution for mass protection for wildfires. Our solution integrates drone technologies that are proven to be efficient, cost effective and most importantly - life saving.

Wildfires have a devastating impact on our communities and have caused mass casualties in recent years several of those being our bravest: firemen. As they continue to burn through millions of acres of our natural ecosystems the global devastation has far reaching damage and various other destructive implications. The United States Congress has keyed in on specific issues including strategies and resources used for wildfire management and the impact of wildfires on both the quality of life and the economy of communities surrounding wildfire activity.

After the devastating wildfires on the West Coast of America in 2018 and 2019, global leaders have never been more motivated to find solutions. The total cost of wildfire management, including the cost of suppression operations, varies annually and are difficult to predict. In response, IIC has dedicated resources to develop a solution using drone technology to allow for quicker reaction times to wildfires, simpler control mechanisms and an overall life-loss prevention tool.